The Key to a Successful Winery - Loyal Customers

Build loyalty among your customers and help spread the word about your winery or vineyard with custom wine club cards and gift cards.

  • Create personalized custom wine club cards and gift cards, instantly.

  • Promote your brand and winery, and attract new customers.

  • Reward loyal customers.

A unique wine club card with your winery's logo is a marketing tool that promotes your brand and reflects the character of the wine you sell. Using your branding, our graphic artists will design your custom cards and include either a barcode or a magnetic stripe that integrates with your wine club management software. When a customer swipes his or her card at the register, you're able to access the customer's account to track club member purchases, offer member discounts, and acknowledge loyal customers.

Gift and membership cards are the fastest growing card technology application in the world. The cards offer a convenient way for consumers to shop and allow retailers to effectively tap into consumers' buying patterns. For wineries, using the cards can bring numerous benefits. With our CI Badge card issuance software and a card printer, you can administer your own wine club card and gift card programs easily and efficiently. Contact us to learn more.